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    How to insert, merge linked text frames into existing long linked frame story?


      I have a book with a single story, many linked frames/pages. The index takes 4 pages in the last part of the book, but not the final pages. I have regenerated the index and it is 4 pages of linked frames in a separate story in extra pages I generated at the end of the book. I selected the new index pages from the pages panel and moved them to the proper location in the book. I want to delete the old index & pages, but that still leaves me with two stories with the main story frames jumping around the index story frames. I want the index to be part of the main story so that if the text expands the index will move.


      In short, insert and merge a story and its associated text frames in the middle of another story.


      My move pages approach got it in the right location, but it will not float if the page count changes.


      The only way I can see to do this is go back to my new index, select it all in the story editor, copy it, go to story editor on the original story, and paste in the proper location. This works, but it seems as if there should be a way of also doing it with frames, in ports, out ports, etc.