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    motion text question


      Hello there!


      I am writing to get some basic information on how to produce the motion text illustrated in the following  video.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That involves 3D camera tracking. The effect can be approximated using Mocha. You have to track the motion, then use that data to either simulate a camera move (Mocha 3D Corner pin with perspective tracking) or create a camera in th comp and add the text. The first title, where the actor walks in front of the text also involved some rotoscoping to separate a copy of the carpenter for just a few frames from the background. The text layer was placed between the two.


          Do a Google Search for 3D Camera tracking in After Effects and you'll find some tutorials using things like CamTracker from the Foundry and SynthEyes. You can also search Mocha tutorials for perspective and corner pin.

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            bogiesan Level 4

            Like the carpenter (although I would call that fellow a woodworker), one starts with a simple piece of wood and simple tools. Dimitris Lapopoulos is a consumate After Effects artist. Watch his other films on vimeo and you will see most are built on simple and conventional AE filters and generators. He and his editing and compositing staff just have the experience, vision, time and skills to make the basic package of AE components into art.