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    Printing Photo as PMS Color (+ 4CP On Press)

    CodeLexi Level 1

      I am a catalog designer for a garment company. Normally, we print 4CP, and it's very important that our garment colors are printed accurately in our 50-100 page catalogs. We have a new garment color that is so fluorescent (hot pink), we cannot acheive through 4CP. I have a Pantone match, and we plan to print this catalog as 4CP + 1 Pantone color.


      What is the best way for me to save this 1 garment photo/photoshop link for my InDesign file? I am familiar with Duotone- can I use my PMS 812 + Magenta to achieve the proper color? When I use my PMS 812 as a Monotone, the garment color is too light. However, I'm afraid using 812 + Magenta looks good on screen, but using the magenta may take away from that fluorescent look we need to print. Also, what is the best way to acheive regular looking shadows over the top of this fluorescent PMS color? It's difficult to color correct when our office printers can't print this true PMS 812.


      Anyone experienced with sending files to professionally print through InDesign... your advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!