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    Print Booklet with White Lines Issue

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      I have searched low and high on this forum and the internet for a solution, with no luck so far. I'm hoping that you InDesign gurus can help!


      Whenever I use the 'Print Booklet' feature to generate a booklet from my InDesign CS5 brochure, the output has thin white lines in various areas that should NOT be there. The lines mostly show up in areas where I am using transparent PNG files, but there are no effects on the layers for these images.


      This is an odd problem because:

      • In the original source while viewing it there are no lines
      • I can print to high resolution PDF using the standard print features and everything is 100% perfect, no lines
      • I can export each page as a high resolution JPG and everything is 100% perfect, no lines


      The lines ONLY appear when I use the "Print Booklet" function. I have tried many things that have not worked:

      • Changing virtually every setting in Print Booklet to something else, lines are still there
      • Printing to a PDF directly from 'print booklet' with many different settings, lines still there
      • Printing to a PS file from 'print booklet', lines still there
      • Printing to an XPS file from 'print booklet', lines still there


      I've put up an example showing you two different outputs. The one on the left is a regular JPG export, the one on the right is the Print Booklet export. Click on the images to see a larger example:



      I've seen other people post about this problem elsewhere going as far back as CS3, but have never found a cause or a way to fix this. Some people have said 'it's just a rendering issue in Adobe Reader, and the lines will not actually appear when you have it printed'. However, when I go to print from my PDF file to my printer the lines are there in the output. They are also there when I print to a XPS document and view the image on the screen.


      Any ideas?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It's a transparency flattening artifact called Stitiching and basically, becasue youare printing to PDF you're up the creek. It only happens when transparency is flattened, but printing to PDF is a distiller function, and distiller doesn't support live transparency.


          The best way around this, I think, would probably be to use an imposition script to impose a copy of the file, then export spreads from that using Acrobat 5 or higher compatibility, or, if you need to do this a lot, look into a PDF imposing plugin -- Quite Imposing gets good reviews here.


          If you want to go withteh script, may favorite is Dave Saunders BuildBooklet javascript (http://pdsassoc.com/downloads/Buildbooklet.zip) but it has some limitations, no creep, 2-up saddle stitich only, and no objects crossing a spine. Slightly more sophisticated is his MakeBooklet script (Dave's CS3 Booklet Script) but it is still a lot less versatile than an impostion plugin.