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    Premiere Pro CS5 not responding


      I'm sorry if this issue has been brought up elsewhere on the forum, but I have a feeling it's a problem with my hardware and wanted to get some more direct feedback.


      I'm running Premiere Pro CS5 (Version 5.0) on a 15" Apple MacBook Pro with a 2 GHz Intel Core i7 and 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Ram and a 500GB hard drive.  Please be aware that I have a very tenuous grasp of what that actually means - I am not a rel computer guy, but I know my way around a non-linear editing program.


      I've been editing a short film (running time about 30 mins) and have been using one Premiere file for the whole project.  This means that I have probably over 7 hours of raw footage in there, in addition to numerous sequences and WAV files from the boom mic.  I've been editing for months, and it has never given me any problems - my computer is brand new and I was under the impression that as far as a laptop goes it's pretty much a behemoth.  Lately though, when I open the file, I can fiddle around a bit with the sequence that is currently open, but if I try to open any other sequence, or delete some stuff that I don't need, or basically do anything but like move the playhead and watch the aforementioned open sequence, the application will stop responding.  I haven't had to patience to test if I waited for an hour or something if it would get running again - frankly if I'm going to have to wait some ungodly amount of time after every keystroke, it might well be crashing.


      Anyway, the file itself is about 350 MB on my hard disk.  I'm fairly certain that it's probably the file is too cluttered, but I have no idea how to un-clutter it, seeing as how I can't do anything without causing the program to not respond.  I've even tried exporting specific sequences with Media Encoder but the same kind of thing happens.  Media Encoder works fine, but when I hit render or try to change the settings with the Dynamic Link thing, the progress bar shows up but does not move.  As I said, I haven't had much patience, and shall try just leaving it running while I run some errands or something.


      I hope I covered everything, and I hope somebody out there has some ideas.  I have all the files backed up and everything, so I'm not losing my work, but not being able to touch it is freaking me out.  Again, I apologize if something similar has been discussed here, or if this is a fairly common problem, but I am both a computer and internet retard and I beg your forgiveness if I have posted this in poor taste.


      Thak you.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          First guess is that you are profiting from the benefits of a MBP, which is underspecced and overloaded with the size of your project. A single disk is below minimum requirements, which is at least two 7200 SATA disks, and when that single disk is filled more than 60% it slows down, so your system just can't handle the load. Add to it the limited memory and the slow CPU and you may well have found the limitations of a MBP.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What Harm said... only one hard drive is a prescription for problems


            >Premiere Pro CS5 (Version 5.0)


            Current for Mac is 5.0.4 which has several bug fixes and performance improvements

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              LaserFox Level 1

              Thank you.  My brother just explained to me what the words in your post meant (As I said I'm not fluent in the language of computers) and that was my initial thought.  I was able to get in there and delete just enough out of the project before it stared crashing to be able to get some important sequences into a nice clean new file, and it all seems to be working now.


              Thank you for the support.  'Twas a big help.

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                davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                Actually, it sounds like you got bit with the "project bloat" bug, as 350MB is way too big for a project file under normal circumstances... I don't remember what the fix was, but it could be that updating PrPro could fix it... If it happens again, create a new project and import your old one into it and you'll start with a fresh project...

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                  LaserFox Level 1

                  Yes, I think that was the problem.  As I said, I got lucky and was able to delete some stuff from the file - before I would try to import just a couple sequences into a new file, but it wouldn't let me do that the file was so bloated.  But I got lucky.  Haven't had much time to do any work, but I think the problem is solved now.


                  Thanks everybody for your help.  I was getting a little freaked out for a second - a years work and you can sit there and look at it but you can't touch it.  It's a frustrating situation.