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      I am using ID CS5.  I have been placing excel tables for sometime now with minimal issues.  Now I am getting some kind of missing font warning.  I highlight the entire worksheet and change the font to what I normally use save it and then try to place it.  When I try to place it, it tells me the file that I am trying to place uses a font that is not available on my system.  I believe this is a complete load.  For the life of me I cannot figure how it thinks I'm using this font when I have clearly specified a font that is on my system.  There may be some other problem as well.  I did a test where I changed the font in the excel file to something that shows up in my ID fonts.  When I tried to place it, I got a msg telling me the font I changed it to was missing in addition to missing the font it originally told me I was missing.  I've really no idea why this is happening.  Anyone else had problems placing excel files.  I do not use the 'table' function in ID because excel has always been easier for me to use.  hope this makes sense.....

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You might want to try clicking the square in the upper left corner of the spreadsheet to select the whole thing, then check the font.

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            whcraft Level 1

            The first thing I usually do when starting a spreadsheet is to click that

            square to select the entire worksheet.  Even after doing that I still get a

            font missing error.

            That is what makes it so frustrating, everything excel tells me shows that

            the entire sheet is the same font but I still get the error msg.  I believe

            it may have

            an issue with the particular file I am placing it in.  I tried placing it

            in a new file and did not get the warning and the bounding box did not

            contain any extra space.

            I had this problem with another file I was trying to place in this same

            publication.  I ended up printing that as a PDF and then placing it.  I

            would rather figure out

            what the problem is than go through the PDF and place method.

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              Grant H Level 4

              is Exel maybe substituting a glyph not in the font you choosing, or not changing the glyph because of same reason. What happens if you use Arial.



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                whcraft Level 1

                It doesn't appear that is happening.  The only not text characters are inch

                marks and plus and equal signs.  I can highlight them in excel and it is

                the right font and can

                highlight them in ID and it shows they are the correct font.  I guess I

                will have to live with it and just use the find font feature to get rid of

                the problem once I place the file.

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                  Grant H Level 4

                  what happens if you create a table stlye with "fontFix" paragraph syle applied and apply that to the table?



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                    whcraft Level 1

                    I'm not familiar with that procedure.  This seems to be an issue specific

                    to this file.  I would still like to know what's causing it.  I've still a

                    lot to learn.

                    For now I'll just live with the error msgs and change the fonts once the

                    file is placed.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Please turn off the autoquote on your email responses...


                      Is the default font (or the one specified in [Basic Paragraph]) in this file actually the missing font? It might not actually be the Excel file.

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                        whcraft Level 1

                        my apologies if that did not fix the autoquote problem (lotus notes is a



                        I did check the basic paragraph panel but it was not the font that was

                        missing.  I did change that to the font I normally use.

                        With no document open and the character panel open it shows the font I

                        normally use so I would think that that is my default