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    Aligning similar audio tracks


      I recorded a band with a camcorder and recorded hi fidelity audio from the mixing board at the same time using a separate digital recorder.  How do I easily align the 2 audio tracks since they have virtually the same waveform?  Once I get them aligned, I may mute one, or pan them left/right, etc., but for first I need them synched.  At the moment, my project contains the aligned audio & video from the camcorder AND a second audio track that is 5-10 seconds off (delayed).  Pinnacle used to ask me if I wanted it to align the tracks when I added the second audio track.  Thanks!!

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          nealeh Level 5

          If you zoom in to the individual frame level you will find it easier to drag the second audio track to align with the first. Collapsing the video track should make alignment easier. You might find it even more so if you move Audio 1 to Audio 3 as you will then have both the tracks vertically adjacent.


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            Also, if the channel-count of the Audio Streams do not allow you to place the Clips in near-by Audio Tracks, see this ARTICLE for the reason. One can place the Clips on the appropriate Audio Tracks, and if not one above the other, then just Delete the empty Audio Tracks, that are in between.


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