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    Flash Application over HTTPS/SSL problems


      Running Flex 3

      Coldfusion 8


      I have modified the ColdFusion Services-config.xml on both the Development and Production servers.

      Modified the remoting-config.xml on both the Development and Production servers.

      Enable my-cfamf-secure and configuring my-cfamf-secure.


      Still doen't work.


      I have modified the RemoteObject ChannelSet like so:

                  cs = new ChannelSet();
                  // note that the name of the channel is the same as in the

      services-config.xml file

                  var chan: SecureAMFChannel = new SecureAMFChannel("secure-amf", "gateway")
                  chan.pollingEnabled = true;
                  chan.pollingInterval = 3000;
                  channelRO.channelSet = cs;


      Still doesn't work.


      I have also configured RMI in the coldfusion administrator.


      The site comes up, but RemoteObject calls return nothing or error with an invalid channelset.

      With FireBug, I get Server Error 500.


      Any ideas as to what to do?


      I want the site operate under HTTPS connection.