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    Nvidia Quadro 4000 and GeForce GT 120

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      I currently have 2 CUDA cards in my MacPro and I know that PPro can only use one card at a time.  I'm just trying to figure out if it is possible to tell which card PPro is using for CUDA acceleration, or hopefully to point PPro to the card I want it to use?


      I'm testing out Davinci Resolve and have added a GT 120 to my system which I've put in Slot 1, and moved my Quadro 4000 to Slot 2 as per the Resolve specs.


      The way I'm understanding it, is that PPro is using the GT 120 now instead of the 4000.  I've noticed today a couple of outright crashes of PPro.  I'm wondering it the GT 120 is responsible for that.  (I did put in a Speed/Duration of 100% reverse on a clip which I think may be the problem)


      My concern is that I want to continue to use the Quadro 4000 with PPro (I'm thinking, for the price I paid, it should be the higher preforming card), and not have it just sitting there, only getting used by DaVinci.


      I guess my question really is, if I am not sold on going with DaVinci, does make any sense to keep the GT 120 in my tower if PPro is my main editor?


      Also on a related note... is the GT 120 a better preforming card with AE? A quick render test did show the GT 120 render a comp 43secs as opposed to 62sec by the 4000.


      Any insight is appreciated.







      MacPro OS 10.7.2

      2.93 GHz Quad

      12GB RAM

      Nvidia Quadro 4000

      Nvidia GeForce GT 120

      Decklink HD Extreme 3D

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          one quick addition... I know the GT 120 is not a "supported" card, but I am getting Mercury Hardware playback... that's why i'm not sure if the 4000 is being used.   What's leading to my confusion is the fact that After Effects will only use the GT 120 for OpenCL if both cards are installed (in either slot 1 or 2, the order doesn't seem to matter).