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    CS4 InDesign (and Illustrator) not printing in Lion OS environment


      I have had no trouble installing CS4 in a Lion environment on my Mac.  However, while I can open and edit files, I cannot print anything.  Nor can I edit or change the print presents or anything at all related to printing.  InDesign (and Illustrator) just drop out.  Bang.  Just like that.  No error reporting at all.  Photoshop, however, prints just fine.  I get crash report dialog boxes for both Adobe and Apple but have so far had no answers.  PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN


      BTW I have called Adobe several times, waited literallly for hours, and once paid for support but the line dropped out.  Next call, another wait of between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours, and the call dropped out again.  I am so cross.