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    KeyBoard Shortcut - Highlighting Sugestion


      Hi All,


      I do not know if it is the place to post this, it is a sugestion for the Adobe Team.


      In my work I need to highlighten different little texts in different colors too often and for me (as for a lot of people that works in cinema production by example), it would be really useful to set short key of highlighting in different colors each with a different combination. By example set, as in Photoshop or similar tools, personal combinations for every highlighting color: ctrl+g = highlight it in green, ctrl+y=highlight it in yellow, etc...


      In the way I imagine it is that I select a part of text and then (without selecting the highlighting tool) just give the short cut and the text becomes the color I want, without to have to highlight the selected text and then change the color each time. It could sound a little useless but I know that for some of us it could be a very useful improvement because when you have to highlight a text with 7 colors all the time it could improve my work.


      I really was looking for it on the web but I was not able to find it, if some ofyou know how to do it and this feature is already included, I will appreciate any answer to this post or if somebody knows where can I post it for better listening by adobe developers It'd also be great.


      Thanks for reading,