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    Can you switch back between CS5 and CS5.5 with the same project with Premiere??

    Da Volcano Level 1

      Hey all,

      I just got CS5.5 for Mac (Lion) and was wondering if i am able to save a project and open it with CS5 Premiere because I work with one other editor who has CS5. I have tested saving a project in CS5.5 and opening it in CS5 but it says that it needs to convert first but then it seems to work fine. So basically, is there workflow good between the 2? Any known issues or anything else i should know about when switching back and forth?


      Also, I have the student edition of CS5.5 and was wondering how many times can I install it? I plan on buying a new computer in a few months from now but currently have 2 and was wondering if i should install it on both my current computers and then deactivate one and install it on my new computer in the future? Or is there a limit and that will not work?