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    sidecar file not linking to RAW file after adjustments

    Jim Omaha

      {I posted this problem in the Photoshop forum by mistake yesterday and Tai suggested I post it here. Thanks Tai)

      I recently downloaded and installed the latest version of Adobe Camera RAW ( (a friend needed some assistance with his new Sony A65 and that necessitated an update - I have a Nikon D200 and D300 and all was working fine until now). When I downloaded the image files from my Nikon D200 to the computer and viewed them via Bridge, I noticed that the colors were all off - purplish rather than the normal coloration I expected using an auto white balance setting. Then I opened a file and made adjustments (the white balance was around 2950 or so before I adjusted it) and then clicked "open image" and I was then in Photoshop but I noticed that the RAW (nef) file was still purplish in Bridge. I looked at the files in the folder on disk and there was a sidecar flle but apparently it wasn't linking to the RAW (nef) file. If I reopened the RAW file I was faced with remaking the adjustments again (assuming I could remember them) and in one instance I opened the .xmp file (via text edit) and then entered the adjustments manually into the Camera RAW adjustment parameters. Then I pressed "done" and then the .nef file was visibly changed in Bridge - but of course the image was closed so to get the image into PS I had to reopen the image in Camera RAW and then press "open image." I looked the preferences but did not see anything that I should be doing there.  I am using CS5 on a Mac, OS 10.5.8 Any suggestions? Thanks.