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    Photoshop Touch detailed Review/Walkthrough

    Serapth2 Level 1

      For people considering purchasing this program, I have put together the following review/walkthrough of Photoshop Touch for Android.


      It is quite long and goes into some detail on the majority of features available in Photoshop Touch, while also highlighting some of the major flaws.  I am extremely concerned with correctness, so if I have made any mistakes please let me know and I will correct it as quick as possible.


      Hopefully some of you find this review/walkthrough useful in your evaluation.  It really is a rather amazing program, which with just a few flaws corrected would be one of the best apps available for Android!


      To other PSTouch owners, what are your experiences? Do yours echo mine, are there things I have missed or items you disagree with?

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          One minor thing:


          You can actually move, resize, flip, etc. a text layer by using the transform tool (the one that looks like a cross with arrows). Can't change the font or what the text says itself though (that I know of).


          Pretty good review. Since this is a brand-new release, I'd expect improvements if anything. When Autodesk released version 2 of their excellent Sketchbook Pro, it was like night and day compared to version 1 (which was good, but version 2 made it even better).


          Still, remember that this is a tablet app. You're not going to get a version of Photoshop CS until tablets catch up to their desktop counterparts. (I'm sure that'll be soon, though, considering the breakneck pace of mobile technology.)

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            Serapth2 Level 1

            That is a good point.  I really should have made it implicit that you can no longer manipulate/edit/transform as text.  The way I have it worded now makes it sound like you can't do those operations at all.  I will alter it to match, thanks for the heads up.




            Coincidentially, I actually find it out shockingly close it came to being Photoshop CS on a tablet!  Frankly if it exported PSD as an option, it would be at the very least "good enough" for 90%+ of my tasks.  I also bought Sketchbook Pro and witnessed it's evolution, and frankly, Photoshop touch launched in a much more complete state!  With the exception of a few warts ( use the native UI!!!, even if just to map Back button to cancel! ), I am pretty much satisfied with it out of the box...  except of course the (artifical?) limitation to PSDX and JPG!

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              Luanne Seymour Adobe Employee

              Hi Serapth2,

              I spent some time looking at your walkthrough. Wow! It was really thorough and well-thought out. You have several good ideas for improvements and new features. I encourage you to post as many of those as possible to our Ideas section so that the product team can look at them and other users can vote on them.


              Thanks so much for all the time you put into this. I think many people will benefit from your explorations and suggestions.



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                Serapth2 Level 1

                Hi Luanne,


                Thanks for the response, much appreciated.


                Truth of the matter is, the image exporting is the only major feature that I would actively submit to the idea's section ( with a resolution bump a close second ) but both are already represented.  Most of the remainder of items in the review are more niggling annoyances or "nice to haves".  Don't want to submit small items to distract from the major issue.




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                  Luanne Seymour Adobe Employee


                  Please don't be discouraged from adding "niggling annoyances" or "nice to haves" to our ideas section. Our software engineers understand that sometimes it is these little things that make all the difference in a user experience. They often create lists of these little items and set aside time to correct them. Please list these on the Ideas section. You may find that others will want to vote for them as well.




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                    Serapth2 Level 1

                    Now Luanne, is there a place you can complain about the authenication system on these forums?  That I would gladly fill with complaints!   Getting logged in here can be a nightmare; my prior username seems to be lost in the ether ( thus my 2 ), and you have to log in seperately depending on site, quite annoying.  I know it is outside your hands, but after fighting to log in, I figure I'd do my ******** here.

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                      Luanne Seymour Adobe Employee

                      Hi Serapth2,

                      I'm sorry you have had trouble signing in to the forums. Anyone can read the forums without signing in, but if you want to join the discussion, you need to log in with your Adobe ID. This can sometimes be a frustrating experience. I've experienced the frustration myself! Here is an FAQ about Adobe ID's, accounts, logging in, and passwords. It may help you. If not, our Customer Service people should be able to clear up the problems.


                      Thanks for your patience,