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    Stacking video clips in Bridge

    Stephen_Spider Level 3

      So I'm not sure what I'm doing exactly with this. I had three spanned .mxf clips as a source. I kept the flash media's file structure intact when I copied the clips to my hard drive.

      While browsing for the clips in Bridge I discovered the Stack clips command and tried it with all three clips selected. It grouped the .mxf Icons.


      Then after importing the clips I really could not see a difference in the project window.


      Normally when I import spanned clips I'll select and drag them all to the New Item button to create a sequence that serves to join the spanned clips. Then I'll drop that sequence into the master timeline.


      This time when I dropped all three clips on to the new item button, the result was three iterations of the entire spanned recording.


      So what I want some clarity on was whether the stacking command made premiere interpret the clips as contiguous, or was it because I kept the camera's file structure intact, or both?