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    XML FO

      Has anyone tackled transforming RoboHelp output into an xml-fo setup.

      I am looking at producing pdf's using this new technology. I really appreciate the flexability it can give you, but I am wary how much work there may be with getting up and running.

      I'd be interested in hearing about anyone attempting these sorts of single source transforms.
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          any takers on this?
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            From a review on a book on XSL-FO:

            "One thing that worries me, not about the book but about XSL in general, is the author's statement that "no formatting engine has a complete implementation" of XSL. Maybe it's a bit too soon to be jumping on the XSL bandwagon if no one is supplying software or tools that work with the entire specification yet. A couple of other comments in the book also suggest that XSL isn't particularly mature just yet." (my italics)

            Perhaps it would be best to continue using the available PDF generators at this stage, hmm?

            Good luck,
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              It's certainly true that the tools are still at the hobiest stage. That said I think it is key that us tech authors grasp the nettle on some of these issues and get to grips with the more technical side of our role.

              We need to be both contributing to and directing the development of the tools and our industry. Hence my blog, which aims to pull together some of the more techie guys and gals we have amoungst us and provide a easy to access discussion of technology and techniques.