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    Log flex request using Java filter

    Mugunda Level 1



      I know this is something related to Java Filter, But I am unable to find any solution. So here expecting some support from BlazeDS folks.


      I have a Spring BlazeDS integration based application. I am using Flex Remote Object to communicate with the Server.  I would like to  capture and log all client request, using Java Filter.


      All example of filter shows normal HttpRequest filter.   I am unable to find anything on how to capture BlazeDS  request.


      Any help is appreciated.



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          Rohit . Kumar Adobe Employee

          Why do you want to configure a Java Filter to capture and log client requests?


          The better alternatives are:

          1. Configure a ServletLog target as logger (it writes to the servlet log) or write a custom Target implementation. You can set the target filter to Service.Remoting to restrict logging to remoting messages.

          2. Configure Spring BlazeDS message interceptor that you can use to look at the incoming, outgoing messages.


          Hope that helps!



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            Mugunda Level 1



            Thanks for the reply


            I want to use java filter, because my application has flex clients and mvc clients. so If I use Spring BlazeDS message interceptor,  I can only capture Flex request. but not http or mvc client request, so I  thought to use filter hoping to handle both clients.


            I understood your 2nd point, but 1st point using ServletLog target, I am not clear , can you explain more or provide some pointers for  me look further.