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    Spark download progress bar vertical position


      Hi everyone!!

      I have a very heighty application (something like 1600px) which scrolls on the page and I have a problem when the download progress bar is displayed.

      Since flash builder automatically center the preloader both vertically and horizontally the preloader is displayed below the "fold".In fact the swf is embedded in to a html page which has header and menu, so only the first 200px of the application are shown.

      What I'm trying to accomplish is to set the  Y property on the preloader by extending the spark downloadProgressBar.

      I've found this tutorial ( http://www.mehtanirav.com/2010/03/19/showing-flex-preloader-near-the-top-of-your-applicati on/ ) but it works only for flex 3. It uses a "center" function but when I type it in flash builder it complains that it's and undefined function.

      I've tried to manually set the x and y in the intizialize method but with no luck.


      This is driving me crazy, I can't figure out how to accomplish and by googling around I can't find anything useful about it.

      Please help me!!!!