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    Problem in installing Adobe Reader X


      I wanted to install Adobe Reader X on my notebook(with no internet connection).I copied the Adobe folder from my PC to the notebook and tried to install Adobe Reader X by clicking the related exe file,but it didnt help.

      The exe file,which was AcroRd32.exe,when clicked says that "Adobe Reader cannot open in Protected Mode due to a problem with your system configuration.Would you like to open Adobe Reader with Protected Mode disabled?".

      When I tried to open it with Protected Mode disabled,it gave a fatal error saying that "Acrobat failed to load its Core DLL".

                          No such error occured with earlier versions of Adobe Reader. There, the exe file automatically started the installation process.

                          Is it not possible to upgrade my Reader to X from 9.1?

      (I saw a similr thread elsewhere but there the error was different and the solution talked of some whitelisting,which I am not aware of)