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    Percentages issues

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      Hi, I have created a form in Adobe LiveCycle 8, and it has a lot of calculations.  I have a couple of questions regarding this.  I am using the FormsCal.  Here is the first calculation:





      = DerivationofCostProposal.Table3.Row1.TotalLabor * DerivationofCostProposal.Table3.Row1.TotalPercentage


      What I need here is to be able to put 25% in this field "DerivationofCostProposal.Table3.Row1.TotalPercentage" and then have it calculate in the Total Column.

      Is there a way to be able to put 25% in the field and make it calculate rather than .25?  Right now I have the field as a Numeric Field.  Regardless of how I put the percentage in (25% or .25) I need the same field to not round up or down, but display the actual number entered.  Right now, if I use .25, it enters as a "0".  Is there a way to do this?


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          radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          create a numeric field and set its data format to integer.

          Then add the display pattern num{zz9 '%'}.


          When you calculate you need to transform the integer value:


          DerivationofCostProposal.Table3.Row1.TotalLabor * (1 / 100 * DerivationofCostProposal.Table3.Row1.TotalPercentage)