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    linked swf's corrupting when exporting interactive document


      I'm hitting a strange problem when I export my in design document as a Flash Player (swf)... I have created 2 drag and drop quizzes in flash and exported them as swf's. These are then linked into my inDesign document. The swf files work perfectly as stand alone files and they work perfectly in the InDesign preview. However, when I export the final InDesign presentation as a Flash Player Swf, the quizzes seem to corrupt and behave erratically.


      Upon loading, the first quiz seems to play fine but the 2nd quiz (which has an identical structure to the first) refuses to work properly. To add to the confusion, if I then return to the first quiz, that too then starts to behave erratically. As the files all seem to work fine in their stand alone and preview modes, I'm guessing that there is something happening during the InDesign publishing phase.


      Any ideas?..anyone?



      I've experimented with exporting the individual quiz pages from InDesign as separate swf files and these seem to work fine on their own, so it must be something to do with the export of multiple swf links.


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      I've experimented further by exporting just the linked swf from the InDesign file. My reasoning was that in design would create an indesign friendly swf. Again, this works perfectly on its own but when placed into the document the same old problem arises. I've tried putting a blank page in between the two pages that have the quizzes on but this had no effect on the problem - deeply frustrating!!


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