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    Is it possible to add markups to a PDF that I am not the author of


      Most of the PDFs I generate are from other applications (like Autocad) where I "print to PDF" to create the file.   Most of the PDFs I recevie are generated the same way.   Prior to Acrobat Reader 8, it was simple for me and my collueges to exchange information on these PDFs by using markup tools and resending them with markups.   Since Acrobat 8 has come along, I now find it impossible to markup a drawing (no matter if I have created it using Print to PDF or if someone has sent it to me).  I went to the knowledge base and see that the drawing has to be enabled for markup in one of 2 ways


      • In an open PDF, choose Comments > Enable For Commenting In Adobe Reader, and then save the PDF.  
      • Start the wizard to initiate a shared review or an email-based review and follow the on-screen instructions. When you’re finished, commenting is enabled in the PDF that you specify for the review. 


      Well, there is no Comments selection in my toolbar.   Second method is given by


      Quickstart: Start an email review

      An email-based review lets you track review status and merge received comments into the PDF.

      1. Click Review & Comment and choose Attach For Email Review.
      2. If prompted, enter your identity information to create a reviewer profile.
      3. Follow the on-screen instructions to select the PDF, invite reviewers, and send the email invitation.

        If your email application doesn’t send email automatically, you may need to answer alert messages and switch to your email application to finish sending the message


      But there is no Review & Comment button to click.


      So, can someone tell me, can I still do a simple markup of any PDF?   Even if I have to jump through hoops can I?    I guess I can understand Why Adobe has done away with this feature in their free tool, as they were not getting any revenue off of it, but it greatly diminishes the usefulness of Acrobat Reader and therefore all PDFs for me.


      Thanks in advance for your response.