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    Does Fireworks CS5.5 come in 64 bit format?

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      I was just setting up Acrobat X Pro to use Fireworks as its graphic editor, instead of Photoshop on my win7 64 bit machine.

      I looked in the Win 7 Program files where all the 64 bit programs are found, only to find that there were no Adobe files there at all.

      They are all in the X86 program file folder - including Fireworks.

      So for the last few months I have been thinking that I was running 64 bit software and am not.

      Which could well explain why I have had major problems running other Adobe programs.

      I now recollect that when I originally installed CS5.5, I was asked if it should be 64 bit or 32 bit, and I selected 64 bit.

      However, after the installation failed about 3 times, and was not 100% installed on the final one, it took about 2 days and calls to the help desk to install it so that it worked at all.

      It may well be that on the final successful installation, I missed the option to install the 64 bit version, as by this time I was totally fed up with the whole process.



      Should I :


      1. Leave well alone?

      2. Delete them and re-install as 64 bit programs

      3. Just install the 64 bit version and leave the 32 bit ones hogging disk space?

      4. Does the 64 bit version run any quicker or better than the 32 bit one?


      I don't want to risk affecting my CS4 version, and I seem to remember getting warnings that to delete CS5.5  would damage my CS4 files - or was it the other way round?


      How do I go about it without ending up in a mess, and are there any pitfalls to watch out for?

      What would you do? (no rude answers please )


      Howard Walker

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Fireworks is ONLY a 32-bit app. There is no 64-bit version. I believe Dreamweaver and Bridge are also 32-bit, but I could be wrong. You may have to unistall, run the cleaner file and then reinstall. There should not be an issue (other than the EULA) with CS5.5 and CS4 co-existing as they are installed into separate directories.

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            Quote from the Adobe Packaging:

            System requirements

            .Intel Pentium* 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor.

            While both these processors are capable of running both 32 and 64 bit software, why are they needed if all the suite is 32 bit?

            While I do not doubt that you are correct, all the CS5.51 suite including Photoshop are installed in the X86 folder:

            Photoshop is also installed in the 64 bit folder all by itself.


            So it seems that the only program that actually needs 64 bit architecture is Photoshop,  one of the few programs in the suite that I never use, as Fireworks fills all the needs of normal web graphics. I presume that this is a hint that Fireworks will not be available in future releases.


            All very complicated and unexpected.

            As to CS4 and CS5 remaining in the same folder, CS5.5 running on a 64 bit system, does not have the capability to code or maintain my existing websites, which are all written in standard asp and use access databases, as are millions of other websites that were written using Dreamweaver. That was never mentioned in the release notes, or many people would not have bothered to upgrade.  I have no choice but to retain CS4 until I have re-written every one, which will not be done in a month or 6!

            What is in the release notes, is that to remove CS4 after CS5.5 is installed, will kill the registry entries for CS5.5.


            After all the hassle that went into installing CS5.5 in the first place, I don't want to do that again.

            If Adobe wrote technically correct software, there should be no problem in uninstalling CS4. Do it at your peril!

            Thanks for your input Jim.