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    HELLLLLLLP! GetURL not working!!!

      Hello All,

      I'm working in CS3. and have created buttons using the following code:

      getURL(" http://www.arcticfalls.com/home-Water.html/", "_self");

      The page is not found when clicked. Here's what it is going on in the address bar.

      http://02aa6aa.netsolstores.com/page-not-found.aspx?404;http://www.arcticfalls.com:80/home -Water.html/

      Page Not Found
      The page you have requested cannot be found or has been removed. Please use the menus provided to navigate this store.

      Seems it is adding a :80 after the .com.
      Any ideas... or am I using the wrong code.
      This worked prior to adding the full link to page:

      getURL(" http://www.arcticfalls.com/", "_self");

      Direct links to website work... why is the direct link not working?
      It used to work the same way a couple versions back.

      Any help is appreiciated.