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    Long document with table keeps corrupting

    sedesigner21 Level 1

      I have a file that is around 300 pages containg a continous table - text only, roughly 13,000 rows that keeps corrupting.

      The first file corrupted, so we rebuilt it and when the second one was just about complete, InDesign crashed and now the file will not open... it opens a blank screen but gets a never ending spinny beach ball.


      The file also contains nested master pages (total of 2 masters) moved from a book that this file will eventually become a part of.


      My question, is the table simply too large for Indesign to handle - (this I find unlikely since I've done similar work many times before) or are the master pages causing an issue or should this file be part of the book before starting it rather than adding it after its finished?


      Any thoughts would be appreciated, before we rebuild for the 3rd time. I just want to be cautious to not do anything that might corrupt the book...