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    Stacking Order of Duplicated MCs

    paulpsd7 Level 1
      I have a Flash piece that duplicates a random number of MovieClips (using duplicateMovieClip) and randomly places them. You can see it here:

      Trouble is, the duplicated MCs are being placed on top of other artwork. The duplicates appear on top of the text on the left side of the page. The original MC which is being duplicated resides on a layer that is under this text. However, its duplicates are being placed on top.

      See my code attached. I'm not sure how "depth" applies here. From what I can tell, the only time one refers to "depth" is when you're duplicating a movie clip, and that movie clips that have not been duplicated have no way of assigning them depth. I've assigned the new MCs to have a depth of "itr-100". I'm assuming lower depth means lower stacking order. However, these duplicated MCs are clearly appearing on top.

      Any ideas?
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          clbeech Level 3
          to 'contain' these clips at a particular depth - create an empty MC at the depth stack (on layer or with code) that you want, the attach all of these clips to that instance, including the initial block, if you wish to use duplicate. you could simply use attachMovie - but this will work also.

          additionally, it's not recommended to assign 'negative' depth values, as these are reserved for the elements within the IDE. in your situation if you create a 'holder' MC you can begin at 0 and simply increment upward. all MCs have a z-order as well as the main timeline.

          also, you can refer to and assign depths to and instance, using swapDepths(), getDepth(), or getInstanceAtDepth();
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            paulpsd7 Level 1
            Thanks, that worked perfectly!!