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    I beg you.  Please.  Help me.  Flash keeps crashing and I have a beast computer.  I want to cry.


      Please.  Anybody.  Somebody.  I beg you, help me!


      My Specs:

      Processor:  Intel Core i7-2600k CPU @ 3.40 GHz  3.40 GHz

      RAM: 16 Gig

      Windows 7 64 bit


      I have Adobe Flash cs4 and cs5.5.  I jump back and forth in attempt to bypass crashes.



      My situation is not ordinary.  I'm working on a huge project.  So huge that Flash has literearlly crashed on me 1,000+ times.  (Don't worry adobe, I LOVE your products so much,  You guys are the best ever.)


      When it crashes, I recieve messages about "not enough memory". 


      If Flash could go 64 bit, maybe the problem would be solved? I need to finish this project asap.  I beg you, please help me.

      Right now it's crashing while I try to export.  Currently, with CS5.5 it crashes whiel I try to open the monster files.  But with CS4, those same monster files open fine.  Every action is a gamble.  Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.   I'm real scared. I've spent months on this project, this is my life basically.

      And for it to constantly die in front of my eyes...it kills me inside.


      How can I overclock Adobe Flash?


      Devonanne83 says:

      "After Googling this forever and finding no help, I finally fixed the problem and it was stupidly easy so hopefully it'll help you as well: In Flash, go to Flash>Preferences>Publish Cache and up the memory allocations. By defualt it was only at 10mb for memory cache size limit, so it ran out of memory every time I tried to export as a Quicktime movie since I had a bunch of high-res PSDs in my movie. I upped it to 200mb and works perfectly now.


      That seems like a nice idea.  I didn't try it yet becuase Cs5.5 keeps crashing when I try to open my monster files.


      Somebody please help me.  I'll put you in the credits, the special thanks.



      Project File Details:

      Has 2,000+ Library Items.

      .fla file is 353 mb.  (if I decreased it, would that help?)