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    Problems viewing Raw Files


      I have recently installed Photoshop CS4 on a new PC. When I open Bridge all Raw images are shown as icons and will not then open up in Photoshop (says there the wrong file type). When I try to install the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw and try to install it it says thet Bridge needs to be closed to continue installation but Bridge is allready closed. This has never been a problem on my old PC. Any help would be grateful.

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          Bridge can be set to open automatically as a background process. The odds are that the Bridge process is running. Check your running processes and close Bridge. There's also a Bridge preference you can set to disable automatically launching Bridge.

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            Bo LeBeau Level 4

            You mentioned that you downloaded the latest version of Camera Raw.


            Be aware that different versions of Camera Raw are specific to the version of Photoshop.

            I believe the most recent version of Camera Raw that will work with PS CS4 is ACR v. 5.7


            The later version like 6.5 will only work with PS CS5 or later.