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    Image catalog Indesign CS5.5 - applescript



      I am not sure if everyone has this problem, but for some reason script provided with Indesign to create images in document from specific folder location, does not work for me .

      It creates frames but does not place any image with this error message:


      Error Number -1708

      Error String: Adobe Indesign CS5.5 got an error:"Mac HD:Desktop:test:image01.tif" doesn't understand the place message.




      I have an adjusted version that also crushes with this error after placing first image:

      Can't get object reference of {image id 209 of rectangle id 206 of spread id 186 of document id 2 of application "Adobe InDesign CS5.5"}.


      My script used to work in CS2 just fine.


      Any help or potential solution would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you very much