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    Still Pictures in project all change to the same Picture when re-opened


      We are using PP CS5 and found a strange problem.  When building a commercial/promo with stills that were taken by someone else and e-mailed or sent to us on disk, we import them and start building with no issue.  The stills show up correctly in the project pane and can be used with out issues until we save and close that project.  When that project is re-opened later, the images in the projects pane are all the same thumbnail of one of the pics, and the entire timeline will have the wrong pictures in some places.




      We found a work-around and are confused to why Premiere Pro CS5 is doing this.  Windows see's the pics fine as well as any other program, we select all the pictures in the folder they are located in, right click and go to properties. Then under the Details tab, we click on remove properties and personal info.  This removes all the meta data of the camera that took the picture and other stuff hidden in picture files these days.  Whatever the reason premeire has problems, it goes away after doing this.


      Our workaround is fine and not difficult to do but I am confused to why premiere is getting confused on which picture is where as they filenames are all different.


      Any idea's or if anyone has had this issue let me know. 


      Thank you,