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    Document reader's experience for self-signed documents

    CharlesBelov Level 1

      All online help I've seen for self-signed documents is about the document creation experience. My question concerns the document-reading experience for non-technical customers.


      We have started creating self-signed documents which we wish to publish to the web. The audience for the SFMTA website (23% mobile use, 51% Webkit use as of November 2011) is the general San Francisco public, which is a mix of tech-savvy  and non-technical individuals. Some of this audience may care whether the signatures are authentic, but most are likely to just want to read the document.


      When I try to open one of these self-signed documents, I get the message:


      At least one signature has problems.


      Is there any easy way for and end-recipient to specify "I don't care about digitally-signed documents. I am not using this to make legal decisions. Never darken my Reader with these messages again." as opposed to having to disable the message for each document? We publish dozens if not hundreds of these documents a year.


      If we go the next step and get authority certification, will this be a no-error-message process for the end-recipients who download such files? Or will there still be a positive step they have to take?


      I do not want to have to tell SFMTA customers to ignore the message. I especially do not want to tell them the several steps involved in accepting the self-certified signatures.