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    Flex 3 Installation on Lion


      For whatever reason the installer for Flex 3 -- released in 2009 -- is a PPC application rather than a Universal application. As a result, a product that I purchased just over 2 years ago doesn't work. Is there an alternative way to get this to install that doesn't require a PPC installer? I'm really not interested in an upgrade right now. Flex 3 does what I need it to do.



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          Just for clarification, despite what Adobe says Flex 3 works quite well on Lion -- the installer just won't run. I use it on another computer where it was installed prior to upgrading to Lion.

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            Answered my own question. For those of you with the same challenge, do the following:


            1) Open the Java Preferences App in the "Utilities" folder under "Applications"

            2) Set the 32-bit Java to be the default by dragging it to the top

            3) Mount he Flex 3 installer DMG

            4) Open terminal and type the following commands (exclude the '#'):


            # cd /Volumes/FB3_mac_214193/FB3_Mac_Installer.app/Resources/Java

            # java -classpath ./Execute.zip:./IAClasses.zip:./installscript.zip:. com.zerog.ia.installer.Main


            The installer will run normally with a few visual distortions. When the installation finishes, quit terminal.