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    Pixel dimensions and resolution

    Nina_Storm Level 1

      When designing for an iphone4 we set up the canvas to 640x960 pix, but we discussed if we should define the resolution to 326ppi, as described in the iphone tech spec.

      When the pixeldimensions are defined - why does a pixelbased program like Fireworks ask for resolution? I should think that only non-pixel based output wanted definition of dimensions and resolution.


      Can you help?


      Nina Storm

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Yes. Go ahead with the reccomendations for PPI for iphone. Dimensions are merely the height and width of the image. Those are independant of resolution. Fireworks default resolution is 72 PPI. Since PPI doesn't affect the exported file size, it doesn't matter, at least for web pages displayed in a browser, if you use 72 PPI or 500.

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