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    Can't see text in text box

    ladyinblack1964 Level 1

      I have no idea what I am doing wrong this time.


      I have a brochure set up with four columns.


      In the first column, I have a headline, then a photo, then a text box.


      When I try to paste text into the text box, I am getting one of those little red X thingies that indicates that the text needs to flow to another text box. OK, so I deleted my text box, drew a new one, and it seems to be setting itself up as having its OWN columns.


      I tried typing in text from scratch, and it just does not appear.


      The only reason I set this document up with columns is so that I could have the gutters between the columns perfectly aligned. Maybe I am using columns incorrectly? I am suspecting I don't actually know how to set up a page.


      Basically, what I want is a 12" x 9" document with four equal columns so I can line up my text and images w/o too much hassle.


      Please, what am I doing wrong?


      I am desperate--I have a brochure due for a final class on Thursday, and I have been struggling with this for days now. HELP!