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    How can I transfer my edited RAW files to a flash drive?

    nchca2011 Community Member

      I have 30 RAW files (NEF) from a holiday party that I have edited, and would like to give to a friend for further editing. We both work on Macs. I selected the 30 photos in Bridge, went to "Copy to" and selected the flash drive. The raw files along with their xmp files show up. But unfortunately when I bring up the files on the flash drive using the "View as Cover Flow" option in Preview, they show up in the original RAW form - as if I'd just downloaded them off my camera again - without edits.


      Many people have mentioned exporting and DNG conversion. With regard to the first: when I select photos, right click, and go to "export to" my only option is "hard drive". Once I select that, nothing appears to happen. No new folders or files seem to appear in my hard drive. With regard to the second: I am nervous about losing information via the DNG conversion. I want to make sure my friend has all the information pertaining to each photo in the event that she needs to do a more significant round of second edits.


      How can I achieve this transfer? Also, should the fact that my friend plans on using Lightroom for edits bear any significance on my decisions? Thank you...