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    How do i Pate frames from one movie to the center of another? please help?!

    super waffle Level 1

      what i am trying to do is, put a flash frame by frame movie into my flash web site. So i go to the frame by frame movie and hit Edit- Time line - Select all frames. i then hit Edit- Time line - Copy frames. i switch over to my web site, Create a new layer select the layer and hit Edit - Time line - Paste Frames. and the frames i copied are pasted into order and all my symbols are brought into my library. The problem is than when it is pasted its pasted in the upper left hand corner of the page on top of all my other stuff when i select the the frames of the frame by frame movie and move them to the center of the stage. It seems to work fine but when i test my movie the first frame will be fine and than some stuff goes back to the original pasted spot and some stuff will stay where i moved it to. my question is. How do you paste the frame by frame movie to the center of the stage so it does not have to be moved at all?


      or else how do i move all frames and objects to where i want them and not just the first frame?