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    Considering Adobe Air

      I am developing a 2nd version of an existing application and am considering Adobe Air as my development platform. There are two issues I need to resolve before I make this decission:

      1) Is it possible to interface a digital camera connected to a computer and capture photos into an Adobe Air application?

      2) I would like to have a barcode reader integrated into the application through a USB port, is this possible?
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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
          You can read pictures from the camera if its contents appear in the file system. For example, most cameras appear as USB mass storage devices when connected and the photos can be accessed as regular files. The layout of files stored by digital cameras is also standardized by the camera manufacturers.

          You can access barcode readers if they convert their input to text, as if it had been typed at the keyboard. Many do this.

          Oliver Goldman | Adobe AIR Engineering

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            Seemstyle Level 1
            In other words it is not going to be the ideal platform for my particular needs. Are there any plans to allow this type of thing in the future?

            I understand the text conversion process, but this is uncommon with USB scanners now. Photo capturing sounds like you may be able to get it to work, but the flexibility of development is limited. It sounds like peripheral device support is lacking at this time.

            What about sending commands to a device, opening a cash drawer? or unlocking a door?
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              This is my exact hangup with AIR. I need to be able to send commands to a USB device (cash drawer and turnstyle) as well as read/write between bar code scanners. I really really don't want to use app.net or silverlight (meh). plz AIR.. get this done.
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                Hi guys,


                Did you get any solution to this?

                I need to access the barcode scanner and cash drawer from an Adobe AIR application.

                Please give me some guidelines.