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    Best Way to Add Narration for PPro Project on MacBook?


      Hi Everyone,


      I am a newbie here with a question about the best strategy for recording narration in an Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 project.  I will be using a microphone to record an elderly relative who will be narrating silent family films which I had converted to DV format.


      My constraint is that I will be using a MacBook (not a Pro) and so it is rather underpowered for running Adobe Premiere Pro.  But, such is life.  Anyway, I see two possible ways to do it:


      1. Render the entire 2 hour sequence so as to allow for the smoothest playback.  Then, with an enlarged preview window, watch the footage through Premiere Pro while using it to record the audio.  The problem I foresee is that my lowly 2gb RAM may not be able to handle it.




      2. Export the entire 2 hour sequence as an mpeg file.  Use quicktime or some other reliable player to display the video while using Audition or Soundbooth to record the narration.  This route would be less processor intensive but I worry about syncing the audio up later, especially if we take in breaks in recording the narration.  Some of the old footage is fast moving so timing is semi-important.


      What do the more experienced on here think?