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    if you create an animation can you loop the last frames of that animation if a button is held down?

    super waffle

      ok lets say you create a button that when held down play an animation of 20 frames if realsed it goes to frame one and stops if held down it plays out this animation. for the topic lets say you have a fire animation and you want the fire to apear and if the user hold its down the animation reaches the end of the time line and loops back and plays the last 5 frames of the animation and as soon as it is let go it goes to and stops at frame one. Well i know how to make a button that when held down plays out an animation. And i know how to say when released goes to and stops at frame one. What i dont know how to do is to loop the fire at the last 5 or 6 frames so the user can hold it down all day long and play out that animation. thank you for any hold you might have.