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    how to stop a sound from playing if it is playing already

    super waffle Level 1

      ok so i have a button that plays an animation for fire when held down. and when realsed goes to and stops and frame one. when it reaches the end of the time line it goes to and plays at frame 10 and goes back to the end of the timeline. I have a sound for the fire animation that plays for the effect. The problem is the sound keeps going untill its over even if the button isnt held down. and when the playhead reaches the end of the timeline it goes to and plays and frame 10 and it replays the sound. if i hold it down it will just keep playing the sound over and over from start to finish. what i want it to do it when i hold the button down i want it to play the sound and when released it stops the sound where ever it is at. I also dont the sound to play again if there is a sound already going to stop it from playing 20 sounds at one time it gets loud and you need asprin after about 5 seconds of that.