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    Problems printing USPS shipping labels


      I have trouble almost every time I try to print a shipping label from the Post Office. Usually it just stalls and eventually I get a message the plugin has crashed. While it is tryIng to work the fan speed of the computer always increases as if the CPU is working overtime. I can try this several times and after several minutes it may go ahead and produce the print dialog and print. This happens so often that I have to use Chrome to print USPS labels as it does not use the adobe plugin that will not work in IE explorer or Firefox. I am using Win 7  64 bit and Reader 10.1.1. I have uninstalled and reinstalled without improvement. Any suggestions? Thanks

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          I have the same problem.  Doesn't work with Chrome, Firefox, Windows Ex, or Safari.  Also have the same problem with TDAmeritrade.  But, for some reason, it does ok with my bank statements.  Tried Reader 9 with the same results.  No error messages, no nothing.  Just does NOT even try to print.  Tried taking off the security for the sites, but then I can't use them.