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    Flash plug-in not working


      Windows 7 Sony Vaio, Windows pc 64-bit

      My seperate flash player plug-in doesn't work when I click on a SWF file in my folders.


      I've been here: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/  where it shows adobe flash is installed and working.  However, it only works in CS5.5 adobe flash while viewing a FLA file and clicking on ctrl/enter.
      But when I click on a swf file in a folder, nothing happens. I've associated the swf files with HTML so it opens with IE9. But it won't open as a seperate window as it does while in CS5.5 Adobe flash.


      What is the association to the file I can write in? It's not:
      C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash, FlashInstall.log flashplayer.xpt FlashUtil11e_Plugin.exe"
      Because that is the uninstaller.  Thanks.


      Also how do I find this answer.

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          Duggy_01 Level 1

          I solved my own problem:


          I use windows 7 and this is my solution.


          The file I needed, the stand alone swf player is called: flashplayer_11_sa_32bit - this is the player i needed.

          I accidently found this site:


          and found I only needed one of these 4 files (the one above in paranthesis) . I then tested it and when it worked, I placed this stand alone program in with my Adobe CS5.5 folder but in a seperate folder. Then I made an association to it with my SWF files. I rightclick on SWF file, I choose OPEN WITH and locate the new file I just put into the new folder in Adobe. I put it in with Adobe so it will not get lost.


          , Now when I double click on a SWF file, the Flash program opens and I can play my swf file. However i am leary of updating it because though I run a 64 bit program it runs perfectly.