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    Best Export for HD?


      I could use a little help with my final HD export for archive. 


      footage .mp4 xdcam codec from a JVC camera


      I checked "match sequence settings" ... which gave me a .mpeg file extension.  FInished render had a File size under 4G for 15 minute 1080p program.  Doesn't that seem like a small file?  Was this best practice?


      I also experimented with H.264 blue ray export with mostly "automatic same as source" settings (but change to VBR 2 pass and check "max render" at bottom) ... but the output listed upper interlace when the source sequence settings listed progressive.  


      Export crashed on me.


      What am I missing?





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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You might see if the export FAQ helps


          PPro FAQ List http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere/faq_list

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            nantoskey Level 1

            Thanks, John, for pointing me to the resource.  I have been reading various posts before making my post … but these resources did reaffirm that by checking “match sequence settings” I’m getting a lossless HD version.  I just don’t understand why it automatically applies .mpeg extension.




            However, I didn’t really find an answer to my dilemma of making a blue ray h.264 that is progressive.  The manual says:


            When set to Automatic (Based On Source), Adobe Media Encoder automatically sets this value to match the field order of the source. (See Interlaced versus noninterlaced video <http://help.adobe.com/en_US/mediaencoder/cs/using/WSb8e30982e628fbecc0e59e6131255b4dd2-7ff 9.html> .)




            But when I make export settings (my only option to select now is MAINCONCEPT) … my original says progressive and my output says interlaced upper. 




            Shouldn’t this be PROGRESSIVE?  I can’t find any other place to select progressive manually.  Or to select any other codec …




            Is there a better codec I need to install?




            Thanks in advance.





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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You cannot make a progressive bluray with every framesize or framerate

              Check this link for supported formats:


              Any way do not use match sequence setting, use a preset or set everything manual. What is the source framesize and rate.

              If we knew what the final destination is then we can set up a descent export settings for BD, media player, web....?

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                davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                I also use the JVC with the XDCAM format, and here's what I use (for some beautiful results):


                When going to the web/digital delivery: Vimeo HD preset (720p finished H.264 file, that looks great on Vimeo, YouTube, or played off my hard drive)


                When going to BluRay: DynamicLink to Encore BluRay project and let Encore do an automatic transcode for me using AME (in the preferences you can tell Encore to use AME for transcoding). It'll give you the best possible look for your project, and it's far smarter than I am on picking what's right. I've also found that this gives me a much better end result than picking the BluRay preset from AME and exporting that. DynamicLink does a good job of choosing the right settings for your particular project to fit the particular disc and parameters you're project is set up with.

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                  nantoskey Level 1

                  Thanks Ann & David –




                  Encore-supported Blu-ray Formats


                  1920 × 1080 16x9 29.97   Interlaced 

                  1920 × 1080 16x9 25.00   Interlaced 

                  1920 × 1080 16x9 23.976 Progressive




                  Very interesting that 1920x1080p 30fps is not supported … I guess I don’t have a good handle on this.




                  My deliverable is on SD DVD … so I’m good there I believe with MPEG2-DVD export. 




                  But now I want to export an quality HD file format for their archives.  Footage is 1080p xdcam … so I figure keep in progressive for master file?




                  Maybe go this route? Maybe bump up the audio bit rate?








                  THANK YOU.





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                    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                    Ok, for SD-DVD delivery, I'd still use DynamicLink and let Encore handle the transcode settings... you'll still get the best "bang for your buck."


                    For a stored archive copy of your master, if space is not a consideration I'd use a lossless codec like Lagarith or UT... Or use a lossless version of the Avid DNxHD codec which can be downloaded from Avid's site for installation into PrPro. (FWIW, this Avid codec is also an excellent one for taking footage back and forth between PrPro on the PC and FCP, since it's cross-platform).


                    If space is a consideration, then you may want to look into an H.264 codec since that's one of the best end-product codecs out there. If you'll ever possibly have to bring that master back in for further editing, then stay away from something like H.264, since it's a "delivery" codec and not designed for editing. Ifyou do go with H.264, I'd try the HDTV preset that best matches your original source footage (dimensions/frame rate/field order).

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                      TradeWind Level 3

                      Curious....I used the AME export option in Encore for a few projects but I was always getting crashes. The output DID look better to me (even if only marginally, to my eye) but the hassle of having to constantly reset the transcoding process was annoying.


                      I'm on CS5, curious if there was a fix for this in CS5.5 or if anyone else ever had/has this issue.


                      On topic, I do usually use Dynamic Link through to Encore, and occasionally I run it on the Automatic transcode, but usually I select my own settings or choose one of the other presets.

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                        davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                        I also experienced a number of crashes using DL in CS5, but couldn't pin down why. I had a couple threads both here and in the Encore forum about it, but we never could figure out a solution. It appeared to be completely random, and couldn't be replicated all the time. I just got CS5.5 earlier this week and haven't yet played with it, but I'm hoping whatever caused the crashes was fixed.


                        Crashes aside, it always gave me the best results, so I generally tried to use it whenever I could make it work.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          by checking “match sequence settings” I’m getting a lossless HD version.


                          That's highly unlikely.  To the best of my knowledge, none of the sequence presets are set up for lossless previews, so using Match isn't going to give you lossless.  Most of them are set up using high bitrate I-frame MPEG for previews, so that's what you'll get using Match Sequence Settings.


                          If you want something for archive, avoid using the Match feature and set up your own lossless version.  Microsoft AVI using Uncompressed for the codec, or Lagarith and UT (separately installed codecs) are also good options.

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                            nantoskey Level 1

                            Thanks everyone!