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    Audio sync issue editing .f4v and .m4v files in Premiere Pro


      I'm currently trying to edit .f4v and .m4v video files recorded using Wirecast Pro, a livestream application, and would like to edit the files natively. When I play the video files using Quicktime Pro or Adobe Media Player, the videos will play without a problem. However, when I import the files into premiere pro, there's a sync issue that gets worse over time.


      Here's the file info:


      H.264, 960x540, Millions

      AAC, Stereo (L R), 44.100 kHz

      FPS: 29.32, 28.97, etc. (varies based on the connection, frame rate changes as I play the video)


      Occasionally I can fix the problem by changing the .f4v file extension to .mov, but that doesn't work as a consistent fix. I'm assuming the problem is because of the variable frame rate and I'm wondering if anyone has ever dealt with an issue similar to this. Thanks!


      - McKenna

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          davidbeisner2010 Community Member

          Sounds like you may have a problem with badly packaged video that's throwing wrenches in PrPro's system... Try using a program like FFMPEG to repackage the video files and give it new headers... that may help. Or before you go that route, right click on the footage in your bin and choose "interpret" and manually set the frame rate for your footage so that it's forced to be a consistent rate... that may help as well, or it may totally break it. Worth a shot, though...

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            the_wine_snob Community Member

            Welcome to the forum.


            I agree with you and David, that the variable Frame Rate is the issue. That might be fine for playback, in a player, that can handle the variable Frame Rate, but not for editing, where you have a fixed Frame Rate.


            I would try David's suggestion, and hope that the conversion will maintain sync, while giving you a constant Frame Rate.


            Good luck,