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    Audio sync issue editing .f4v and .m4v files in Premiere Pro


      I'm currently trying to edit .f4v and .m4v video files recorded using Wirecast Pro, a livestream application, and would like to edit the files natively. When I play the video files using Quicktime Pro or Adobe Media Player, the videos will play without a problem. However, when I import the files into premiere pro, there's a sync issue that gets worse over time.


      Here's the file info:


      H.264, 960x540, Millions

      AAC, Stereo (L R), 44.100 kHz

      FPS: 29.32, 28.97, etc. (varies based on the connection, frame rate changes as I play the video)


      Occasionally I can fix the problem by changing the .f4v file extension to .mov, but that doesn't work as a consistent fix. I'm assuming the problem is because of the variable frame rate and I'm wondering if anyone has ever dealt with an issue similar to this. Thanks!


      - McKenna