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    Can I buy eBooks using my ID but for use by another user - ie, as a gift ?


      I've bought my partner an ebook reader for Christmas and, as he's technically challenged, I'm setting it all up for him before he gets it. I've charged it, updated the firmware, and set up the wireless connection with the eReader's MAC address, and I also want to include a book purchase pre loaded, ready to read.


      Now I've hit a brick wall, because I've downloaded Digital Editions onto my computer, and set up an ID  for myself, but, of course, ADE keeps prompting to authorise the reader to my ID. From what I have found in these forums and FAQ, it looks like a reader can only be authorised to one ID (and I clearly don't want it to be me!), so I've not proceeded with that authorisation. Yet if I set up a new ID using his email address, he'd soon know about it, and Christmas present secrets would be blown!


      Is there any way known that I can buy ebooks as gifts? Buy & download  with one ID, but load it onto his eReader?


      Help, please!