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    It's amazing how far we've actually come




      I recall having trouble editing vx1000 footage on Premiere 2.0. Had to buy all sorts of RAID cards and render/render/render


      Now you can live-edit 4K and 5K footage - unreal!



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I share your enthusiasm, but with even more fervor. I started in cine, and digital editing was such a godsend, that I still get excited! I remember the day, when "Bins" were actually bins, and when the only Transitions were Butt-Cuts, Fade to Black (now Dip-to-Black), or Cross-Dissolves (though I still use those almost exclusively).



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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            Wasamatta Bill?  You don't like white gloves and tape?

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              Tom, it was seeing some Timescape footage that inspired me to start using the copy of Premiere Pro CS5 that had been largely unused since it was purchased a good many months ago.  I also loved the next video in your Vimeo channel (No.20) where you show the inside pf your home editing system.  I could see the GTX 580, and was wondering what the rest of the spec might be?  




              Having started using PP on my three year old Q9550 system with 8Gb I've realised it's time for an upgrade, although I doubt I'll ever need to deal with 4K material. Hey!  You have just made the point that things move along, so who knows what folks will be using for home movies in years to come?


              Thanks again for the inspiration.

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                JAKE JONSON Level 1

                Yeah, I saw this behind the scenes video as well from Tom and I think he kinda understates how nice his PC is.  From the looks of the 1000 watt power supply and beefy CPU heatsink/fan, that (mere) $3500 PC is most likely overclocked as far as she'll go.  No wonder he's gliding through 4K footage effortlessly.  Maybe one day I can part with that type of money for such a setup.  Nice stuff, though...


                Update: I just looked further into the comment section on that movie's page and Tom replied to a spec request that its an i7 980x OC'd to 4Ghz with 24GB.  His 580GTX has 1.5GB.  Nice.

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                  LOL - I think that all of my splicing tape has now been baked into one big glob!



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                    having a bit of time on hands I downloaded the 4k trailer ( which I cant watch on mouse computer ) and put it through mp4handbrake and made a 1024x576 m4v which plays nice in classic media player.

                    also pre-ordered a dvd from timescape.org...  gotta help support people IMO.


                    musta cost a bundle just traveling from nz ( the island of the day before ) to west u.s. ... and camp out and rent boats and trucks and who knows what else...