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    Smooth Pan and Zoom for Large Files


      What computer hardware and software specification are most critical to the fast and smooth panning and zooming of pdf files containing large drawings?  Sometimes I spend the better part of the day searching these drawings for small details.


      I'm looking for a new computer (preferrably Mac) and software for the review of architectural and mechanical drawings for buildings and related specification and submittal documents.  These project documents are  provided to me as pdf files.  Typically these files contain from 75 to 200 drawings, where the original size of each drawing is 2' x3'.  The total file size is from 80 to 150 MB. I assume that the drawings are generated directly from AutoCad or otjer CAD program.  I currently have a 24" iMac with 2MB and  2Mhz core duo intel processor.


      Because the drawing is larger than the sceen this review requires a lot of panning and zooming. My current computer slows down to refresh the image.  Adobe reader appears to do a progressive rendering.  Mac Preview tends to flicker while the image is refreshed.  I tried out a new iMac with impressive specs 3.1 Mhz i5 4-core, 4MB, 512MB graphic card and the results were disapointing. Panning an zooming was delayed, flickering, halting.  I can get smoother but slower transtitions from my iPad which provides a fast but low resolution pan and zoom with a gradual increase in detail. My existing computer's performance is almost OK, but the


      So are there software options for viewing large pdf files?

           Would Adobe Pro, render pan and zoom more smoothly?

           Can Photo Shop do a better job viewing pdfs


      What are the most important hardware features?  For example, the optional enhancements for the 27" iMac include:

           faster processor, from 3.1 i5 to 3.4 i7

           more memory, from 4 to 16 MB

           better graphics card, AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1 or 2GB GDDR5

           Solid State Drive 256 Gbyte


      I've been talking to people at apple both in the store and online and they seem to be of two opinion: 1) all of the above will help, 2) none of the above will make a noticable difference.