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    ibook like system using Flex


      I am working on a new product proposal.


      Has anyone work on this kind of application or similiar app for mobile app / IOS using Flex? My second question is that is doable with Flex / Flash Bulider?


      The book or eMagazine content is created with Flash 5. I am able to use Flash CS5 AIR package to export for Ipad and Window.

      But for the bookshelf or Content management software, which is the best way to go?


      The software itself is similiar to the ibook bookshelf function. Listing out a list of downloadable content.  Download function for downloading the actual book.

      Updating the list of downable content list etc.


      I have seem some similar app on IOS on ipad/ iphone, but I am not sure what tool were used to develope them.