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    Same black color is showing differently on different pages

    JoEllen G

      I have a layout for a portfolio I am working on in InDesign CS3.  There is a master layout that I have applied to most of the pages which contains a portion of black.  However, between pages the same black from the same master page is showing differently.  It is really the black that is revealing a bigger problem.  On most all of the pages it looks like there is almost a haze over the entire sheet and all of the blacks are showing as more of a dark gray whether from the master page border, a linked photo, or type, etc.  Everything looks slightly washed out, including other colors as well. 


      What makes the situation more bizarre is that two of the pages are not showing this way, or exporting this way.  Two out of 16 pages are showing and exporting beautiful rich, crisp colors, but the rest of the pages look washed out. 


      What is happening and how can I fix it?


      I need help!