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    Dragging multiple media clips into vertically stacked tracks in the timeline? Is it possible?

    mikekingjr2 Level 1

      Hoping that some Adobe Premiere Guru might be able to lend some insight into what seemingly should be a fairly simple thing to accomplish... but despite scouring the web, I can't seem to find a peep of a solution for it.


      My neighbor (whom, incidentally, I convinced to go with Premiere CS5.5 as his NLE of choice in the wake of the FCPX uncertainty) is working on a "reality-style" project where they have a massive amount of cameras running simultaniouisly for hour upon hours on end. Think Big Brother House style.


      Essentially for each hour of the footage, he is creating a project in which all the multiple camera footage (MOV) from that hour is listed/linked over in the project panel. For example, for HOUR ONE he has the footage from all 20 cameras (or whatever) for hour one listed there.


      BASICALLY what he wants to be able to do is grab ALL the footage from those various cameras AT ONCE, DRAG them over to the timeline and when he drops them there, the video (and, inversely, the audio) clips STACK vertically, one on top of the other, each one taking its own track in the timeline.


      Currently, of course, when he does this the footage arranges itself in the timeline end to end. In the case of my HOUR ONE, 20 CAMERA example, this basically creates a 20 hour long clip, as oppossed to a one hour clip with 20 tracks, stacked one on top of the other.


      As near as we can tell, there's no keyboard shortcut to make this happen. I VAGUELY recall being able to do this in FCP (maybe?) so I'll be stunned and more than just a little bit disappointed to if there isn't SOME way to pull this off in Premeire.


      Does anybody have any idea if this mode of automatically dropping clips into the timeline as stacked tracks is possible? It will, quite literally, save him hours and hours of work if he can figure out the secret. And I won't feel quite so guilty for having turned him onto Premiere for this specific project!


      And if anyone knows for a fact this is NOT possible, that would be great to know as well. At least we can put the notion to bed one way or another.


      Thanks in advance.


      Regards, Michael